[mythtv] Various & Sundry MythTV Notes

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue May 6 22:34:19 EDT 2003

I had this problem until I added the mythbackend logfile to my logrotate 
configuration.  See attached file "/etc/logrotate.d/mythtv"

Another general note, for anyone starting up mythbackend in an init script, if 
you are running mythbackend as any user but root, be sure to update 
/etc/security/console.perms to grant permission to that user for the V4L 
devices so that the user does not need to be logged in to get access to the 

-Joe C.

On Tuesday 06 May 2003 09:12 pm, Michael J. Pedersen wrote:
> *sigh* Personal note: Do not, now or ever, run mythtvbackend and let it
> actually generate a log file anywhere. Once it loses VIDIOCSYNC, the
> whole recording is fubar'ed, and it generates a multi-gigabyte log file
> which can fill up most any partition. Always be sure to redirect all
> output from the backend to /dev/null to avoid this problem.
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/var/log/myth* {
    size 1M

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