[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB support

Rick King rak at cs.man.ac.uk
Wed May 7 00:12:51 EDT 2003

Hi Ben,

> I am curious about Richard King's comments, which he promised for end of
> this week, IIRC. I seriously hope I don't have to rewrite everything
> *again* then.
Well I said I'd try for the weekend just gone, which obviously hasnt
happened, or failing that, sometime next week. So 'the end of this week'
might be a little optimisitic ;)

Given that my personal project this summer was to do DVB support, which you
have now at least half done, I will want to do something; if it is
implementing my database idea and doing various other bits and pieces then
thats fine. Given the work you've already done I wouldn't want to cause you
any more.

I just wish I could remember all the details of my idea of the top of my
head (i'm sure I will when I sit down and think about it but I haven't had
time to do that yet). I'm still not sure if the idea isn't flawed and it
certainly is based around having empty fields some of the time (in the less
frequently accessed tables) so I'm not sure its acceptable to people here.

We shall see next week :)


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