[mythtv] [PATCH] DVB support

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Tue May 6 21:52:14 EDT 2003

A little status update:

Isaac and I talked about the code changes on IRC and we agreed that I 
copy the code, because he doesn't expect any more changes to the general 
code. I also changed the names according to his request.

As for storing the settings, Andy's concerns caused me to use a table 
specifically for DVB, channel_dvb, which stores the DVB-specific 
settings. Hopefully, later a channel_analog and channel_hdtv will 
follow. The DVB-specific settings (2) for the capturecard are stored 
directly in the capturecard table for now.

I am curious about Richard King's comments, which he promised for end of 
this week, IIRC. I seriously hope I don't have to rewrite everything 
*again* then.

I am uploading the current state on smaller milestones, they are not 
garanteed to work. The last version known to work (as far as it goes) is 
21, but that's before the restructuring.

ATM, I am modifing the code to allow for (almost) any number of PIDs per 
channel, to support Dolby Digital etc. as well.

If someone wants to write a channel list importer, I haven't looked into 
it closely, but it seems there are different formats depending on DVB 
type (-S, -T etc.) and program, so it's a bit of a mess it seems. See 
e.g. <http://www.dxandy.de>. Maybe we can find or invent an XML format 
and then write a Myth importer for that and write converters from 
popular formats (e.g. VDR or dbox or whatever) into that XML format. But 
that's up to the one writing the importer.


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