[mythtv] remote key binding problem

DanM dan at milkcarton.com
Fri May 2 00:06:02 EDT 2003

What about using a different remote?  From what I know, the ir reciever 
isn't anything special.  You should be able to use a different remote, 
or a universal remote.


Craig Longman wrote:

> i have a pvr-250, and have a problem configuring the keystrokes to 
> bind to the remote keys.  the keys.txt wasn't much help for this 
> particular problem.
> the trouble is, the left and right arrow keys double as the volume up 
> and down.  unfortunately, volume up and down need to be ] and [ 
> respectively, but the arrow keys need to obviously be the arrow keys. 
> up and down double as ch+ and ch-, but that works out fine pretty much 
> everywhere.
> what this means, is that i can't use the left and right (on the 
> remote) in the epg, or menus, etc, or i can't use them as volume 
> control in tv mode.
> the ideal solution for me (i think) would be to allow the ] and [ keys 
> to duplicate the left/right arrow keys everywhere except the tv 
> viewing part.  in many ways though, having the vol+ and vol- be the 
> left and right arrow keys though makes sense, many remotes i've seen 
> do the same thing, duplicating left/right and vol-/vol+ and up/down 
> with ch+/ch-.
> any thoughts on this?  i could just pop into the code and change it 
> for my own purposes on the short term, and i proably will if there 
> isn't some other solution, but i'm sure other remotes have a similar 
> configuration.
> CraigL->Thx();
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