[mythtv] remote key binding problem

Craig Longman craigl at begeek.com
Fri May 2 03:54:59 EDT 2003

i have a pvr-250, and have a problem configuring the keystrokes to bind 
to the remote keys.  the keys.txt wasn't much help for this particular 

the trouble is, the left and right arrow keys double as the volume up 
and down.  unfortunately, volume up and down need to be ] and [ 
respectively, but the arrow keys need to obviously be the arrow keys. 
 up and down double as ch+ and ch-, but that works out fine pretty much 

what this means, is that i can't use the left and right (on the remote) 
in the epg, or menus, etc, or i can't use them as volume control in tv mode.

the ideal solution for me (i think) would be to allow the ] and [ keys 
to duplicate the left/right arrow keys everywhere except the tv viewing 
part.  in many ways though, having the vol+ and vol- be the left and 
right arrow keys though makes sense, many remotes i've seen do the same 
thing, duplicating left/right and vol-/vol+ and up/down with ch+/ch-.

any thoughts on this?  i could just pop into the code and change it for 
my own purposes on the short term, and i proably will if there isn't 
some other solution, but i'm sure other remotes have a similar 


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