[mythtv] DVB support - Status update

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu May 1 13:49:05 EDT 2003

Why?  It makes the most sense. :-)

We won't "pollute" disparate tuning methods with irrelevant columns
in a single table.  Plus, we can have multiple rows of data per each
channel, if we so desire, which is not possible otherwise.

I don't think this is messy, as long as your store a "pointer" to the
extra table in each channel record.  Otherwise, the code can't use
the data without knowing something about the tuning method.

On May 01, at 15:56, Ben Bucksch encoded a 0.4K recording:
> Andy Davidoff wrote:
> > $extend = select extended from channel where chanid = 666
> > select * from channel left join channel_$extend using (chanid)
> >         where chanid = 666
> That sounds like you're adding a table for every tuning method, not? 
> That's exactly what I tried to avoid...

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