[mythtv] DVB support - Status update

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu May 1 22:08:11 EDT 2003

Andy Davidoff wrote:

Because we have

    * analog
    * DVB (with -S, -T and -C each having different parameters)
    * stream (calls external program to fetch MPEG stream, we then need
      a channel-specific argument for the program)
    * soon hopefully HDTV
    * maybe completely others in the future

This means we'd have tables channel, channel_analog, channel_dvb 
(assuming we roll all DVB types into one, leaving many columns empty), 
channel_stream, channel_hdtv, channel_something.

And, we have the same problem with parameters for the capture card. So, 
we'd also have capturecard, capturecard_analog, capturecard_dvb and so on.

See my point? I find a large number of tables or columns pretty messy, 
hard to find the way around.

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