[mythtv] new epg

ben ben at handcoder.com
Thu May 1 12:31:56 EDT 2003

My new EPG works pretty good.  I really like the new style.  I haven't
noticed any of the problems listed below.  I have however noticed that
all of the channel Icons don't load.  I get channel icons for 3 or 4
channels, but most of them don't load in the listing area.  They do,
however, load in the information area.

Overall good work guys.

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i presume the new epg stuff is still being worked on, i tried it last 
night and had some troubles with it:

1) the program names didn't show up
2) the fonts were too big
3) when i used the arrow keys to navigate the listing, if i moved right,

the program information area wasn't updated.  left/up/down all worked



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