[mythtv] New OSD's

Ben Brown ben at handcoder.com
Sun Mar 30 15:10:48 EST 2003

Another suggestion would be justification settings for text area's
(left|center|right). Also it would be great if the setup screens scanned
the themes directory for osd themes instead of just listing specific
themes. This would stop from having to patch the source to add a theme.
You probably already thought about that though.

I'm assuming you can use pixmaps for background in any container.  I'm
going to work with this stuff some more tonight and try backgrounds on
the channel numbers as well as working with the edit screen a little


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On Saturday 29 March 2003 08:18 pm, Ben Brown wrote:
> Since Isaac add this functionality tonight, I thought I would take 
> advantage of it and put together a new OSD.  This is based on the work

> done by Nate (http://www.ziarek.com/mythtv/liquid-to-iulius.asp)
> There are 2 different version of essentially the same osd one uses the

> greensQuatch (http://www.handcoder.com/greensQuatchosd.tar.gz)
> background and the other uses the iulius
> (http://www.handcoder.com/iuliusosd.tar.gz) background.
> To install, untar, ungzip the archive to 
> /usr/share/local/mythtv/themes/ Then apply the newosd.diff patch 
> that's included with the tar.gz. You'll then be able to select the new

> osd in the appearance setting.
> Isaac, if your still working on the osd stuff, something I'd like to 
> suggest is the ability to size the channel logos.

Yup -- still working on it.  Here's my todo list:

Pixmap based indicators for the dialogs.
Multiple ttf font files.
Sizing the channel logos.
Move more of the edit mode positioning and stuff into the config.

Anything else?  Your stuff looks nice, btw, and it's nice to see that
figured out that a pixmap was allowed as the background for the dialog
box =)


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