[mythtv] [PATCH] Add new MPEG4 encoding options

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sun Mar 30 11:44:17 EST 2003

On Friday 28 March 2003 06:11 pm, Geoffrey Hausheer wrote:
> Here is a patch to include the 'VHQ' and '4MV' encoding options for MPEG4
> encoding.  Nothe that these take a LOT of cpu processing, and on my
> 1.6GHz machine, I can only record at 560x416 with these options enabled
> (and that is about 85% usage) as opposed to without them 640x480 uses
> only 60%.  The video quality is substatially better though (560x416 with
> these options looks significantly better than 640x480 without them in my
> opinion).  You can enable VHQ without 4MV, but it is not recommended to
> enable 4MV without VHQ (see this page for more info on different options
> http://rguyom.ath.cx/)
> If anyone is interested, it would be trivial to add qpel or any of the
> other options, but qpel is REALLY slow, and I can't notice the
> improvement in most cases)
> They will default to both enabled (I'm not sure how to change that, but
> it would be nice if they defaulted off)
> Also, it might be nice to have an 'Advanced' screen, since the main
> Encoding screen is a bit cluttered now (and most people won't want these
> options)

Patch looks good, I'll get it applied shortly.


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