[mythtv] PATCH: closed caption support

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Mar 24 21:14:35 EST 2003

On Monday 24 March 2003 08:10 pm, Lonnie Hutchinson wrote:
> thanks. I will be submitting another patch with the changes described
> below in the next few days.
> Rather than outlining the text, I was planning on (and have implemented)
> puting the text on a black background (this is what most if not all TV's
> do). thoughts?

Yeah, that's cool -- I was going to suggest that (or do it myself), but 
turning on outline mode was easier when I was merging your stuff in.

> Also, through experimentation I have *guessed* that there are 18 rows
> and 32 columns. I tried to find the spec, but didn't want to plop down
> the $136 usd to confirm it, it works well enough for me. If anyone has
> access to the EIA-608-A, "Recommended Practice for Line 21 Data
> Service." spec. and would be willing to verify these settings please do
> so. My next patch will reflect these settings.
> I found that the text looks better if you use a monospace font. Do you
> have a prefered monospace font that can be distributed with MythTV?

Does what I just checked in look ok?  Just select FreeMono.ttf in the 


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