[mythtv] unicode in [I[nfo bar

foofoo kabir f5476e4a at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 22 13:10:23 EST 2003

Hi All,
first of all I'd like also to thank everybody involved
for this great piece of software!.

i've managed to hack my way into making it work in
Israeli sroundings .
i've hacked my own Israel listings grabber (very basic
and immature).
and managed to make the EPG show the title and
description in Hebrew.
i'd like to state again how much I'm pleased with the
function set and the performance of the software.
the time shifting feature works just great!.

one of the last problems I left with is even-though
EPG will gladly show Hebrew the info bar in the 'TV'
screen (the one that pops up when pressing 'I')
refuses and shows question marks, I was wondering if
anybody could help me understand the difference
between the EPG widgets and the info bar one, I'll be
more than happy to try and fix it myself.
i'm running mythtv on redhat 8.0 (pentium III 900mhz)
with fly-video-II over a cable feed.
the charcter encoding is UTF8, and looks just right in
the mysql DB.


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