[mythtv] Re: Adding DVB-T support to MythTV

mark at ansalmo.freeserve.co.uk mark at ansalmo.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Mar 20 08:36:57 EST 2003

> As to why use Myth? This is a good question. Until yesterday the only
> program i'd seen that offered the range of options and the set-top box
> style interface that I'm looking for thats, in a usable state, was Myth.  
> VDR is a DVB equivalent but it has its own flaws and only supports MPEG
> based streams (AFAIK). 

There was a posting on the VDR mailing list recently, which announced support for analogue input (e.g. WinTV cards etc) using on-the-fly MPEG-1 encoding.  Reference here:


Also very interesting (though somewhat unrelated!) was an announcement of client/server MPEG streaming for VDR using the Video Transfer Protocol.  Allows the distribution of the output of multiple DVB cards to multiple clients, and handles channel switching based on a priority system.


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