[mythtv] Proposed Feature: Channel Description Scrolling

Doug Haber doughaber at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 10:38:18 EST 2003

Awesome! Thanks for all the suggestions - I think you guys make a lot of good
points about re-inventing the alt-epg - I like the idea of theme-able EPGs. I'm
gonna look into that and see what I can do.

Thanks again,

--- Chris Palmer <mythtv at zencow.com> wrote:
> Doug Haber wrote
> > Feature:
> > My favorite feature on my current cable box is that I can view a channel
> and
> > scroll up and down through the channel descriptions (via an OSD) of what is
> on
> > other channels (now and in the future).  Then when I find what else I want
> to
> > watch I can press enter and go to that channel.
> > 
> > Patch:
> > Alter the GET_PROGRAM_INFO call to take two optional parameters "channel"
> and
> > "time", that will return info for a specified channel and time or the
> current
> > channel and time if neither is specified.  It would also require some new
> keys
> > - I'm proposing "y" (channel up), "b" (channel down), "g" (previous time
> > period), "h" (next time period).  For now I'm gonna assume that the time
> period
> > increments are 1/2 hours.
> I'd have to agree with Bruce, that the EPG is probably the right place to add
> enhancements, if desired.  No need to re-invent it.  And there are already
> standards for the up/down/left/right navigation keys.  It would be a
> step-back
> to add new navigation keys, since those of us with remotes may already not
> have
> enough buttons to control everything about MythTV that we want to control.
> Perhaps...  an "alternate-alternate-EPG".  Best yet: "EPG theme support" that
> lets you define the screen and guide data locations (possibly even allowing
> overlaying the guide on a full-screen tv picture?)
> -Chris
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