[mythtv] Proposed Feature: Channel Description Scrolling

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Mon Mar 17 08:18:56 EST 2003

Doug Haber wrote
> Feature:
> My favorite feature on my current cable box is that I can view a channel and
> scroll up and down through the channel descriptions (via an OSD) of what is on
> other channels (now and in the future).  Then when I find what else I want to
> watch I can press enter and go to that channel.
> Patch:
> Alter the GET_PROGRAM_INFO call to take two optional parameters "channel" and
> "time", that will return info for a specified channel and time or the current
> channel and time if neither is specified.  It would also require some new keys
> - I'm proposing "y" (channel up), "b" (channel down), "g" (previous time
> period), "h" (next time period).  For now I'm gonna assume that the time period
> increments are 1/2 hours.

I'd have to agree with Bruce, that the EPG is probably the right place to add
enhancements, if desired.  No need to re-invent it.  And there are already
standards for the up/down/left/right navigation keys.  It would be a step-back
to add new navigation keys, since those of us with remotes may already not have
enough buttons to control everything about MythTV that we want to control.

Perhaps...  an "alternate-alternate-EPG".  Best yet: "EPG theme support" that
lets you define the screen and guide data locations (possibly even allowing
overlaying the guide on a full-screen tv picture?)


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