[mythtv] Re: Multiple Favorite Lists

Chris Martin dev at cgmartin.com
Sat Mar 15 12:18:41 EST 2003

    This has been discussed previously in the list, and I have included 
the "userid" field in the favorites table to support grouping favorites 
by user...would just need to modify the SELECT statements a little. An 
interface for switching users is still needed and I may have this 
completed in the next week(s).
    Multiple lists with multiple users is beyond the scope that I need, 
as I only have 5 favorites, so go ahead and dive into the code and cook 
something up. :)

Paul Murphy wrote:

>Thanks so much for adding the favorites feature to mythtv. Could you possibly add a multiple favorite lists feature? I have TWC aswell, and find TWC's favorites feature useful but have always wished they would have more options for this feature. I have a bunch of favorites and end up cycling through about 15 channels. It would be cool if you could have multiple favorite lists so that you could organize favorites into sub-genres for example, and have one list for sports channels, one for movie channels, and one for music channels. Another use for this would be that multiple users of one mythtv system would each have their own favorites list. A feature like this would also make it possible to regroup channels in the epg instead of having them appear in the standard numerical order. It would be easier to compare whats on different channels by flipping through the different favorite lists. Sorry if this email was a bit long.
>Thanks again,
-Chris Martin

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