[mythtv] possible changes?

Dwight Hubbard dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Thu Mar 13 13:02:05 EST 2003

> Problem 1)
> When installing mythtv Red Hat users must go into the themes directory
> and edit the makefile there, commenting out lines that start with
> "strip". I don't know what "strip" is for and "strip - Discard symbols
> from object files" from the man page doesn't really make it more clear.
> Are these lines really needed considering it works better for Red Hat
> users without? If they are needed what can we do so Red Hat users don't
> have to manually edit that file?

I use a script kind of like this to build MC and get around that problem:

cd /builddir
echo > strip #!/bin/sh
echo >> strip echo strip disabled
chmod 755 strip
export PATH
cvs -z3 update MC
cd MC
make distclean
make install

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