[mythtv] mythbackend not starting

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:46:32 EST 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 11:38 am, Doug Beattie wrote:
> I managed to clean up, (I hope), the DB.
> Now I'm seeing the following:
> 	Starting up as the master server.
> 	One of your capturecard entries does not have a hostname.
> 	Please run setup and confirm all of the capture cards.
> In re-running the setup under 2. Capture cards I see the following:
> 	(New capture card)
> 	/dev/video
> The /dev/video entry has the following fields:
> 	Video device:
> 	VBI device:
> 	Audio device:
> 	Audio sampling rate limit:
> 	Default input:
> I don't see a field for hostname. Should I?
> Perhaps I should just blow away the DB and start again.
> What would be the most simple way to do this?

You should have run the 0-7-to-0-8.sql script when you upgraded from 0.7 to 
current CVS.  Read the UPGRADING file for more instructions on the upgrade 
(ie., what answers to give setup for the first two questions it asks you on 
the console when you run it.)


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