[mythtv] mythbackend not starting

Doug Beattie dbb at linkexplorer.com
Thu Mar 13 09:38:33 EST 2003

I managed to clean up, (I hope), the DB.

Now I'm seeing the following:
	Starting up as the master server.
	One of your capturecard entries does not have a hostname.
	Please run setup and confirm all of the capture cards.

In re-running the setup under 2. Capture cards I see the following:
	(New capture card)

The /dev/video entry has the following fields:
	Video device:
	VBI device:
	Audio device:
	Audio sampling rate limit:
	Default input:

I don't see a field for hostname. Should I?

Perhaps I should just blow away the DB and start again.

What would be the most simple way to do this?


On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 10:49:08AM -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Thursday 13 March 2003 10:43 am, Doug Beattie wrote:
> > Bruce:
> >
> > Thanks for the reply.
> >
> > I tried to alter the general configuration settings.
> >
> > I was able to change nad have stick the "Master server IP address"
> > to my externally viewable address, but when I set the other
> > "IP address for my <my system>" address to the same value as that
> > of the master, finish out the general configuration, then exit
> > and try to run the backend I still get:
> > 	No setting found for this machine's BackendServerIP.
> > 	Please run setup on this machine and modify the first page
> > 	of the general settings.
> >
> > In fact when I go back into the setup for general items and
> > check, the Master IP is the new value I entered, but the IP address
> > for my system has reverted back to the value.
> >
> > I tried just setting this value, going to the next screen in the
> > general configuration, then going back to the screen where I set
> > the correct value and it had already reverted to the
> > localhost value.
> >
> > Any thoughts on why this is not staying set?
> Sounds like your database is not setup properly -- you didn't run the 
> 0-7-to-0-8.sql script, or something along those lines.
> Isaac
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