[mythtv] Preparing for 0.8 (was: tv_grab_uk graphical setup.)

Vincent AE Scott mythtv at codex.dyndns.tv
Tue Mar 11 01:55:43 EST 2003

#if adam /* Mar 11, 01:11 */
> I've still not got around to checking out how well the commercial
> skipping code works with UK TV.

#endif /* adam at dynamicinteraction.co.uk */

I live in the UK, and have just gotten mythtv working on a new xp 2100.
the detection stuff isnt working working for me :(  i'm using a CVS
checkout from today.  while pausing [0] during an ad-break, pressing 'Z'
seems todo nothing.  the OSD pops up to say its skipping, and then
nothing happens.  the last time i tried it, the frontend wouldnt repsond
and had to be killed off.  (looked like the bakckend segv'd first)

if i have time tomorrow, i'll build up a debug version and see if i can
provide a little more accurate information about what happened, it seems
to be fairly reproduceable.

I've got NTL's analogue cable service, and there doesnt appear to be a
sequence of consecutive black frames between content and adverts.  four
black frames is noticeable to the naked eye, isnt it?

I'm not sure about a normal terrestrial signal, i cant easily compare
it, that may well be different.


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