[mythtv] qdate error

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Mar 9 18:25:12 EST 2003

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 03:07:34PM -0800, Cedar McKay wrote:
>>I'm getting maybe 20 lines identical to this when I start mythbackend:
>>QDate::fromString: Parameter out of range
>>however, everything seems to work normally after that.
> This happens with some versions of Qt whenever there is a NULL date or time
> field in the database (which is a perfectly normal occurrence).  Ignore it.

I've been ignoring, and will continue to ignore these. They
happen when the scheduler runs and I first started seeing
these in large doses when the singlerecord, allrecord and
timeslotrecord were combined into the record table. Different
record types have different NULL fields. I think you see these
if you have a mix of types. It may be one type in particular
or something in the table that has no episodes in the program
table or whatever. Inert. Ignoring ;-).

--  bjm

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