[mythtv] non-Xv display support in CVS.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Mar 5 21:20:07 EST 2003

Thanks for the update, hopefully the code will be of use to someone.  I
started the code originally so I could run mythfrontend and display it
over the net (hence no Xv support) during testing.

Now back to my regularly scheduled commercial skip programming. :)

> Chris,
> That works much better.  Without changing the capture or display
> resolutions (still capture at 480x480 and display at 800x600) video plays
> at full rate and the CPU load is at about 65% with 60% for X and 5% for
> the mythfrontend procs.  With capture and display both set to 640x480
> playback takes less than 50% of the CPU time with X using most of it.


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