[mythtv] non-Xv display support in CVS.

Doug Zobel lists at h4.dougzobel.com
Wed Mar 5 19:09:36 EST 2003


That works much better.  Without changing the capture or display
resolutions (still capture at 480x480 and display at 800x600) video plays
at full rate and the CPU load is at about 65% with 60% for X and 5% for
the mythfrontend procs.  With capture and display both set to 640x480
playback takes less than 50% of the CPU time with X using most of it.

BTW, in case anyone else tries to use the fbdev driver at 640x480, it
seems that v4 of XFree86 is "smart" enough to ignore your Screen Modes
settings in XF86Config-4 and get the screen resolution directly from the
current framebuffer mode (which can be seen with fbset -i).  I was unable
to change the framebuffer mode with fbset and had to set the 'vga=' line
in lilo.conf to 758 to get 640x480 at 16bpp.


Chris Pinkham said:
> Doug,
> Can you give this another try now with current CVS?  I added XShm
> support which sped things up a little, but I've also rewritten the
> software scaling function and that made a big difference.  It still
> comes close to
> maxing out my Athlon 700 when I scale up from 352x480 to 640x480 or
> 800x600, but it should run OK on faster systems.  Scaling up vertically
> is much quicker than horizontally, so for example 400x300 goes up to
> 640x480 much quicker than 352x480 goes up to 640x480.  Horizontal
> scaling is costly right now unless I can find some better optimized
> routines, possibly mmx optimized.  Best case is still to record at
> screen resolution if possible, so record and run gui at 640x480 or as
> close as possible to each other.
>> It's very slow for me.  On my Athlon XP 1700+, playback of recorded
>> video pegs the CPU at 100% and the video playback is too slow and
>> choppy to watch.  Of course Live TV is even worse.  Durring playback,
>> mythfrontend takes anywhere from 60-90% of the CPU time and X takes
>> most of the rest.  With the Xv drivers the CPU hovers around 15-20%
>> utilization for simultaneous record/play.  Perhaps there are some X
>> optimizations required that I'm not aware of.  I'm using the fbdev
>> driver on XFree86 4.2.1 (with a Radeon 8500).
>> -Doug
> Chris
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