[mythtv] Problems with video playback speeds

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Mar 5 12:51:05 EST 2003

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 12:38 pm, Ben Brown wrote:
> So the audio recording is causing the entire video to speed up, okay
> interesting hypothesis.  Now the question is what's the problem?  I can
> watch video with audio from either card and have no problems.  PIP works
> and so does switching.  I've tried moving the cards so that the matrox
> was card 1 in the database and ATI was card 1 in the database still had
> the same issues.  I can play video from either card then go to a shell
> and listen to the audio from the other card.  If I set the system up
> with just one card, regardless of which card, the system works fine.
> I'm not changing which video card uses which dsp.  The matrox card
> always uses the built in audio and the ATI always uses SB Live.  As far
> as I can tell the video and audio cards are working fine.
> Any suggestions as to what I may be missing?

"Interesting hypothesis"?  If there's problems recording the audio, that's 
pretty much exactly what happens during playback.


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