[mythtv] Separating CAPTUR and Capture in OSS

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Tue Mar 4 19:46:04 EST 2003

I run mythtv with the stock emu10k1 on RedHat 8.0 with my SB Live! PCI card.
I've also tried it with Alsa from source. I can honestly say that the OSS
driver is much better. With alsa, I get horrible audio performance when I
fast forward or rewind recorded or live TV. That and it's just cleaner not
to have 10+ modules that you have to hand load in most cases (modprobe
snd-emu10k1 doesn't load the oss-pcm or oss-mixer modules), not to mention
that you have to handle the case of automatically muted Master and PCM
channels in the mixer everytime you load the drivers. For RedHat, I find
that alsa just gets in the way (it handles the OSS mixer load/save already
after an install) for performance that is either negligible or non-existent
for 98% of cases needed. I'm not saying it's not a good project, I'm just
saying that MythTv (and it's developers) shouldn't force alsa on the user if
the oss driver performs the same or better (as it does in the case of

Robert Cantu, RHCE

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On Tuesday 04 March 2003 12:18 pm, Tom Panning wrote:
I'm using the same basic card with the alsa drivers instead...  you're
much better off w/ alsa.  check out alsa-project.org
basics of installing alsa from source (as I do):
if your current sound drivers are modules, you're good to go.. .otherwise
you'll need to rebuild your kernel w/ no drivers included, but include the
core sound support.  then:

download alsa-libs,alsa-driver,alsa-util,alsa-tools
build lib, install it
run "./configure --with-cards=emu10k1" to build just the sb live driver,
make and make install
then configure/make/make install the utils and tools (i think you only
need one of those.. but i don't recall which)

> When I try to watch live TV with MythTV, I hear both the sound for the
> feed (what Myth is recording) and what's being played from the buffer.
> Here's what I'm using:
> * SB Live sound card (with OSS sound drivers)

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