[mythtv] Commercial skipping by scenechange detection

Liam source at badlysoiled.net
Mon Mar 3 20:41:20 EST 2003

This is a modification of the blankframe skipping code already in cvs (nice 
one Chris). It looks for scene changes at the places it expects adverts to 
end. There are two main settings it uses, SceneChangeAdLength which is the 
minimum advert length, all adverts are assumed to be a multiple of this 
(default 15 seconds) and SceneChangeMaxAd which specifies how far to look 
ahead for a new advert (default 60 seconds). For England these settings 
should be 10 and 40/60 respectively. As a precaution the last advert is 
checked that it fades to black to stop a conincidental scenechange in the 
program fouling it up.

You need to press adskip during the first scene of the advert which is 
sometimes quite early on, I've only found one break so far which halts before 
the program restarts but you can pick up again from the next advert.

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