[mythtv] Re: PATCH: mythfilldatabase v1.43 -- arbitrary end times

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Mar 3 11:46:20 EST 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Monday 03 March 2003 06:45 am, J wrote:
>>Yes, however when I was experimenting with the algorithm,  I found that the
>>batch file to create the temp databases,  was both faster and less memory
>>intensive.  Since this approach needs to have the entire program database
>>indexed,  doing that without the temp databases would mean that the whole
>>program database would have to be read into memory, indexed, and then,
>>rather than doing comparisons on the very small subset of entries (in
>>temp2), you would end up reviewing all the entries. For example, my program
>>database has 17603 records, but temp2 only contains 465.  Since mysql is
>>already optimized for this sort of operation, it seemed the most efficient
>>and elegant solution.
>>That being said,  is it the use of the temp tables, the batch file, or both
>>that you find objectionable?
> The batch file.  But, why would you need the entire database for this?  Seems 
> like it'd be pretty simple to just make an internal list of programs you 
> didn't have endtimes for on a per-day basis (should be one per channel), and 
> then just hit the db for the all next programs' start time once the next day 
> has been populated.

If mythfilldatabase started from the last day then worked
back the current date, the post-midnight endtimes could be
filled in immediately.

--  bjm

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