[mythtv] mythtv worldwide compatible

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Jun 11 13:55:23 EDT 2003

Quoting Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com>:

I appreciate the comments.
> The intent if the original author was that he wanted to
> record from an external source that was not in the progam
> guide (camcorder, DVD player, etc.). That is why there
> there are user dialogs for title and description and there
> is no start time feature. Adding a start time and making
> the preview window optional so that it only starts when you
> ask for it would be nice improvements.
yes, those are distinct funtions, both nice but similar. after talking with 
Leandro, we agreeded that maybe instead of a single screen doing both 
functions, maybe it's simpler/easier to have distinct options (in fact, they 
are distinct functions). Note that's not just a matter of start time, also 
should be a channel, take out Start/Stop buttons... similar but different 
functions, similar screens, but coming from different choices at the menu, 
doesn't it make sense?

> The other use for it is if you want to record something that
> you know is showing but the program table data is incorrect.
> A related, but entirely seperate feature that many people
> would like is to have starttime and endtime offsets for the
> items in the record table. This would allow the scheduler
> to use the real times to verify that the entry is still in
> the program table but then add the offsets to determine
> conflicts and to set the actual times for recordings to
> begin and end.
yes, a single global setting is not enough, doesn't allow to start before, and 
a max 10 mins after might be ok as a general setting, but is clearly not 
adequated for some kind of events/channels (i.e. live sports, etc). This might 
be better addressed in some kind of "Edit recordings".  ummm, if I develop a 
screen that allow to setup a manual scheduling, that could be as simple as 
adding a key binding to the epg, so if a program is being recorded, callling 
that screen the start/end times and giving the program as a parameter, it might 
be easily edited... I'll think on this....

looking to the code, I have seen that to allow this, a timeslot has to be added 
to the program listings, so it's not just a matter of just inserting at the 
record table, might be a good idea to add a new type of recording for those 
which don't come from the listings? I will appreciate Isaac opinion on this, 
and on the whole story on this thread of course ;)

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