[mythtv] mythtv worldwide compatible

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Jun 11 06:00:24 EDT 2003

It will help to close issues that have been around there for a while, increase 
usability and I feel that now is time to have it done, so I want to describe my 
to-do’s that in my opinion should be solved, to avoid duplicate works, get 
feedback and be sure that is going a be something that could be committed to 
the project:

In a short term:
1. -Preset support. We’ll, based ob Ben’s stuff and adding mythfilldatabase 
support, it’s already done by the final patch that I’ve submitted last 
Saturday. I’ve been testing since then and it works to me. I feel it is ready 
for CVS.

2. -Manual scheduling (not to replace current ManualBox, which is an “Instant 
Recording” from my point of view, so just a distinct function). Based on 
Leandro’s Manualbox, take out the big keyboard; fill the Title, subtitle, etc. 
with info coming from channel sign, data, time etc. So no needs of user dialogs 
if you want, but maybe allow to edit with either a regular keyboard, remote or 
a popup keyboard that appear when a given key is pressed.

3. -Tune Box. Again based on Leandro’s developments, allow the user to edit the 
channel table, finetune, etc, but now against using the preset number instead 
of chanid, so that will perfectly fit to enhance 1. I’m thinking in to add also 
a button here that works like xawtv scantv, but integrated, so hitting it will 
fill the channel table by scanning the frequencies, get the channel name from 
the vbi if possible,.. Just like a regular/simple tv/vdr!

4. -New MythVideo it’s outstanding, thanks John, I just miss a way for the user 
to enter manually the data in case of no IMDB info available or wanted 
translated texts. Note that it might be useful as well for those who have 
homemade videos, recordings...A DVDRip could be also nice and it can be done 
with a frontend that gets the dialog and then fires mplayer mencode, which has 
to be already there so there is no new dependencies on that. Maybe this is 
already in John’s agenda?

I think that I can do this in a short term (as always, only depending on the 
availability of spare time). However I think it is an important milestone since 
at this point mythtv will be a “truly worldwide compatible project”, note as 
well that xmltv will be of course a plus, but not a requirement anymore, the 
channel table can be filled just scanning and the user can schedule recordings 
even without program listings. MythTV will be even being usable offline if you 

In a medium term.
Definitely we have to continue Ben’s works with DVB, some work on the key 
bindings will be also nice (some of the current keys are not comfortable in not 
English keyboards and even unusable with lirc), etc... If someone can do that 
before, very welcome, but I just don’t feel ready for it.

feel free to flame me, comment, help, feedback... I just want to share my wish 

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