[mythtv] New version of Mythchannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Wed Jul 30 17:22:35 EDT 2003

>     * If you assigne a "Number" to a channel, do you check for
>       duplicates? What, if I try to move "La2" to number 2, but "Tele 5"
>       happens to be on number 2 already?

chanid (pk) it's preserved. preset not.
simple, the first will be taken, but no problems on db integrity.
I was thinking on this, but is not that simple: should the following
correlative numbers be shifted? or should we just swap the numbers?
By now, manually you still can do that that... sure can be ways to improve
this. Anyway the basic is covered, if someone wants to improve this...

>     * Scanning analog channels: That "first tuner card" and "mythbackend
>       not running" stuff makes no sense to average users. I also think
>       that it's a bad idea to assume that the server with the TV cards
>       has any graphical display, but we discussed that already.

yes, note that I do agree that will be nice to have everything at the
bakend, like the player for the preview. Maybe analog scan should also
consider optionaly the full frequencies tables or look for "finetune"
frequencies"... again, starting with basics. Also yes to the message...

>     * PIDs: I'd use a separate textfield for video and audio PIDs, maybe
>       even for AC3, subtitles etc., so that users know what they are for
>       (more guiding) and don't have to worry about the DB field format
>       definition (comma-separated, no spaces).

I agree with Kenneth that will be nice to minimize as possible user dialogs
and getting that info dynamically, then only store that kind of information
for cache purposes when it makes sense...vdr's patch Autopid is a good
working example of doing this. Also the numbers of audio pids and its types
I've seen that change dynamically depending on the program being broadcasted
in the same channel... but again I'm just afraid of being too much ambitious
and have nothing while thinking in the whole thing. In the meantime let's
make it work, and maybe yes, we can still split those pids. My current
immediate plans before I take my vacations are to load dvb-t channels files
(I've been asked for) and maybe also to resynch spanish and catalan

>     * Nit-pick: "DVB" already includes "Digital", so I'd use e.g.
>       "Digital: DVB" instead of "Digital DVB".

thx, I'm sure that there are other typos/errors given my english, please
correct them!.

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