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Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Sat Jul 26 00:04:53 EDT 2003

Chris Petersen wrote:

>>Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel? :-)
>mine show up as "DISC" and "TOON"  (or something like that).  hmmm.. 
>maybe I should also change the default sorting for !prefer_channum so
>that it sorts by channel name in the program listing?
No!! Please don't :-)
That would mess up the little order I was able to impose on the database.
Of course I would like to know what other Europeans think but here the 
order for channels is partly fixed: we have about 10 national (Dutch) 
channels and almost everybody has them in more or less the same order, 
but at least I know nobody who has a non-Dutch channel among the first 
10 channels. Ordering the list alphabetically would certainly not be 
anything anybody here would be used to. Of course others might like it 
very much so maybe it should be an option, I don't know.

>>Ok, so how about an easy setting where you can switch all date/time
>>related stuff between US and European formats, right now its a list of
>>several formats that you have to change.
>Well, it'll probably have to wait until I get that preferences section
>hooked up.  And then it'll be tied to the cookie (php session) on the
>user's machine and how often /tmp is wiped out on the webserver (that's
>where the session data is stored by default).   And yes, someday we
>should have better session management, but I'd like to avoid adding more
>work to installing mythweb (eg. adding a new database table), at least
>for awhile.
Understandable. It's no biggy anyway.

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