[mythtv] Channel management

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Fri Jul 25 03:21:15 EDT 2003

Ah, didn't know that you could only show favourite channels in the EPG.
Does myth remember the setting? Anyway, if mythchannel is able to 
show/manage that setting as well it would be perfect.


Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Thursday 24 July 2003 04:42 pm, Tako Schotanus wrote:
>>ramon.roca at xcombo.com wrote:
>>>mythchannels will have a way to "delete" a channel, I wasn't planning for
>>>a "hide". At this point, not "massive", just channel per channel. My
>>>suggested tip at this point, is that if yoy don't want a channel list with
>>>everything available, you must import only the channels that you are
>>>interested and then, assign it to groups. Not sure how much available
>>>group editing features I'll include at this point.
>>Hmmm, but that would mean that I would have _no_ access at all to the
>>deleted channels. Thing is that on an average day... hmmm let's make
>>that 99% of the days, I watch only a very specific subset of channels.
>>But I don't want to lose the possibility to watch any of the other
>>channels if I really want to.
>>So a hide option would be nice. Or a way to change the order of channels
>>so I can at least put all those channels together so I can easily browse
>>them. Right now there's just too much "noise", too many channels I
>>hardly ever watch (but "hardly ever" is the key word here).
>Mark the channels as favorites.  The program guide has an option to only show 
>favorite channels.
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