[mythtv] Latest CVS LiveTV->Recording problems

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Thu Jul 24 13:28:33 EDT 2003

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> I'm not sure that this will help at all, but I've noticed something that 
> I thought I should bring up:
> Whenever the recording skips back to the beginning, the volume gets 
> lowered.  I didn't even realize I had the MythTV volume controls enabled 
> until it skipped back to the beginning one time and there was no sound. 
>  Apparently it had been gradually turning down the volume, and I was 
> turning it up on my amplifier without realizing it.  It's happened 3 
> times since then, and dropped the volume 4% each time.

Here's some stuff that would be good to know:
When does it restart the playback, random or at the beginning/
end etc.? 
Does it happen If you use rtjpeg?
If you start a recording without watching it, then start watching it
from the recorded dialog after 5 minutes, will it reach the end
without quitting?
Some system specs cpu/os, mythtv setup (all local or lan etc).

Is it possible that you have some sort of write cache enabled
that delays disk writes?


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