Teletext (was: [mythtv] MythTV Recording System Future)

Martin Moeller martin at
Wed Jul 23 23:50:42 EDT 2003

ons, 2003-07-23 kl. 08:35 skrev Erik Arendse:
> Hi everybody,
> I'm that guy that dropped out of teletext development 6-7 months ago...
Well hello there :)
> If somebody want some explaining of code just email me privately 
> (erik_nospam.arendse at , but I'm not using mythTV myself anymore.
> >When teletext is working we do need a field for storing subtitle pages
> >per channel. The Channel table seems like a good place :)
> You don't have to. ALL subtitle pages are stores in the stream, just pick 
> the page you want during play. For BBC this means it all works by itself as 
> they only have one subtitle 'stream' per channel.
I see, so the subtitle pages are 'not like other pages' then?
>From what I can see, BBC Prime supports (although probably not always)
subtitles in Danish, Swedish, etc... and English language in separate
88x pages. How would that reflect in the data stream?

> Erik
> >/Martin.

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