[mythtv] DVB Channel Change Patch..

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Sat Jul 19 11:26:15 EDT 2003

I'm also sometimes getting a segfault just after this message:

Unable to write to client's socket, as it's not longer there

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> Well, now it changes some channels, a nice step ahead :-)
> I've seen this, a part of what you have mentioned, maybe you already know
> some of them:
> -If is unsuccessful to lock the signal, the player hangs. It happens to me
> with some channels and I want to inverstigate this, It locks the signal if
> use dvbstream, so something has to be wrong on my site, however, doesnt
> to hang the player.
> -If I do pause, after unpausing the image is not longer smooth, gets
> same if timeshifting (although I've seen already something about this
> the patch, but not that noticeable).
> thanks,
> Ramon.
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