[mythtv] mythtv-database deb installation on woody not faring well

Jeff jadams at hoovers.com
Thu Jul 17 22:47:32 EDT 2003

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> OK, so here are the problems I see:
> - It is impossible to tell at the debconf password prompt whether there is a
>   default being supplied (the box is always empty).  You thought that you
>   were leaving the box empty, but you were actually accepting the default
>   which you supplied last time.  I will raise this issue with the debconf
>   maintainer.
> - It sounds like for some reason the debconf answers were cached after you
>   purged the package.  This should not happen, and as far as I can tell, the
>   package is doing the right thing.  Are you certain that you _purged_
>   mythtv-database, and did not simply remove it?

Perhaps in the end, the package ended up only removed, but I sure was 
trying to purge the package. Removing (or purging) the package seemed to 
to have the same issues as installing. I assume this was due to the 
package's inability to interact with mysql. So I did end up manually 
removing some of the mythtv-database files from the file system before I 
could get the package purged. Perhaps this caused it to end up being 
removed, even though it was told to purge.

> - Passwords should never go in config.dat, which is world-readable.  They
>   are supposed to be written separately, in passwords.dat.  I have checked
>   my system, and there are no passwords in config.dat.  What version of
>   debconf do you have installed?

I have debconf 1.0.32 installed. The section of the config.dat I ended 
up modifying was:

Name: mythtv/mysql_admin_password
Template: mythtv/mysql_admin_password
Value: <old password was here>
Owners: mythtv-database
Flags: seen
  user = root

Hope this helps,

- Jeff

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