[mythtv] Filling DVB-s info w/mythchannels

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Tue Jul 15 01:34:18 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

>my idea of personal "virtual" channels..
What is that?

>Maybe a good idea could to allow to create a videosource without any grabber at all?
Not sure, though, if it's possible to have several grabbers per card, so 
that I can grab German and UK channels, which are both available via the 
same satellite (I'd guess).

>BTW, I'm also thinking for creating a cannelslists / channelslistmembers
>master detail tables in order to allow to create user lists with groups of the existing channels (i.e. Sports, News, Cine, Premier, Canal+ etc...). If you load hundreds on channels... Then, if a user selects an active list, instead of zapping all the channels, will do with a join between channelslists and channels, so then will do only with a subset of the channels. Changing between active list might be done using a keybinding... Doesn't it makes sense?
It adds complexity - a new concept, new keybindings etc.. Aren't presets 
sufficient? You can order the channels by subject, so that 30-36 are 
news channels, 40-45 is MTV and co etc.. I don't think it hurts the user 
much, though, if the added functionality is optional (no "active list" 
unless specifically invoked).

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