[mythtv] Filling DVB-s info w/mythchannels

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Jul 15 01:07:12 EDT 2003

> > > Currently locked because seems that dvbchannel doesn't get the channel
> > > at CheckChannel method in tv_rec.
> >
> > Kenny wrote: "
> > And there is also something wired in the SQL Query in CheckChannel:
> > .arg("Input1") // Should be (channelinput)
> > "
> > Maybe that bug is the reason? I didn't get to look into the DVB code
> > again yet, sorry.
> My problem should be something  on that, i'll investigate....

Certainly channelinput at TVRec::CheckChannel wasn't initialized. Forcing to
DVB gets through this point.... My Nexus has only DVB as input... makes
sense to support several inputs from DVB cards?

> > Why is channel type necessary? Shouldn't we rather establish some link
> > from videosource to capturecard? In my setup app, IIRC I went from
> > channel -> videosource -> first cardinput with that source ->
> > capturecard. The weak link is that "first".
> ah ok, you are right, it's redundant, just joining with it we should be
> to findout the channeltype, thx.

Umm... that breaks my idea of personal "virtual" channels.. those aren't
related to videosources (it's source should be other channels...). I'll
think on this. Also videosources looks like has been contrstructed for xmltv
support. DVB channels don't have to use xmltv (although could). In many
cases the program listings should be able to be filled using the epg info
that comes within the stream.... Maybe a good idea could to allow to create
a videosource without any grabber at all?

BTW, I'm also thinking for creating a cannelslists / channelslistmembers
master detail tables in order to allow to create user lists with groups of
the existing channels (i.e. Sports, News, Cine, Premier, Canal+ etc...). If
you load hundreds on channels... Then, if a user selects an active list,
instead of zapping all the channels, will do with a join between
channelslists and channels, so then will do only with a subset of the
channels. Changing between active list might be done using a keybinding...
Doesn't it makes sense?


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