[mythtv] themedmenu.cpp bug in painting logo w/ transparency

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Fri Jul 11 01:59:12 EDT 2003

I think I've identified a small but in themedmenu.cpp.  I'm still trying 
to fix it, and it may turn out to be a Qt bug.  I'm hoping someone can 
confirm similar behavior.

Basically, you will notice this on any logo image used in a theme that 
has transparency.  Whenever you have to scroll down a list of buttons 
(if the buttonarea is too small to fit all the buttons), the logo will 
repaint.  However, it'll paint on top of itself, and so on each paint 
the transparency will compound each time; after a few such cycles all 
areas of transparency on the PNG logo image will be opaque.

I had reproduced this both in the default blue theme (check the shading 
around the MythTV logo) and in a new theme I'm working on.

This may be a bug in the Qt QRect::intersects(...) method.

Can anyone else verify this slight bug?  I've been playing around with 
painting order in ThemedMenu::paintEvent(...) to no avail.


Michael J. Sherman | msherman at stealthboy.com
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