[mythtv] idea for multiple tuners/inputs

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Jul 5 18:15:39 EDT 2003

Dave Alden wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm in the process of switching over to mythtv from an old ReplayTV
> box (I bought it ~3 years ago).  One feature that I greatly miss is
> how it handles multiple inputs.  I have "raw cable" plugged into one
> input (via the coaxial cable) and the "cablebox output" plugged into
> another (via the rca jack).  My "cablebox output" displays as channels
> 1-999, and the "raw cable" displays as 1000-1999 (actually only 1002
> through 1070 since thats all the channels I have :-).  If I had a 3rd
> input (my ReplayTV can handle 1 coaxial and 2 rca inputs), it would
> display as 2000-2999.

(And an s-video input, at least on the 5000 series, which
would be the best choice for a digital cable box =).

MythTV already does this. Run "setup" and create video sources
for your raw cable and cablebox then in "Input Connections"
associate the video source with the input connection. For
example /dev/video (Television)->cable and /dev/video (S-Video)
  ->cablebox. Mythfilldatabase will grab listing for both
sources and the scheduler will know that it can only record
from one input per card at one time and will schedule

I use multiple backends and have my digital cable on the
second card along with a coax cable input. The first digital
show is recorded on the second card and the first analog
show always goes to the first card. If there is no digital
show to record but two or more analog shows, the second card
records the second analog show.

--  bjm

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