[mythtv] New version of mythtv Installation Script

Cedar McKay cedarmckay at mac.com
Fri Jul 4 16:49:28 EDT 2003

Dwight, I'm really impressed with your installer. Or at least I think I 
will be once I get it working.

Possible Bug?:
I tried it out on my RH 9 system. When I got to the "Select the source 
for your tv listings" screen I chose U.S.A from the pull-down, then 
entered my zip (98103). However, the "TV provider" pull-down list was 
never populated. I waited a couple of minutes, but nothing showed up. I 
assume you hit zap2it for this info? If so, I think this is a bug, 
because when I tried mythfilldatabase a couple of minutes later on my 
RH8 system and got listings, so I imagine zap2it is up. I tried again, 
but nothing. I hit next anyway and the script proceeded to download and 
install a bunch of stuff. But with about 1/4 of the progress bar 
remaining the installer disappeared. I assume the root cause is the 
failed tv-listings selection. I have attached the mythtv_installer.log 
from /tmp below.

General comments:
1) When I do wget -q -O - http://mythtv.dwightandamy.com/go.sh|sh after 
it says it has downloaded installer.py there is quite a pause (30 
seconds?) before the graphical interface comes up. Perhaps you should 
print out something like "please wait while the installer starts up" so 
people don't think there has been a crash.

2)If failing to successfully select the "TV provider" info was the root 
cause of my subsequent failure, maybe the "next" button should be 
disabled on that screen until that step is successful. Along with that 
maybe an error message can be printed out if provider info can't be 

3)You have debug on by default. Perhaps that should only be the case 
when the user selects "CVS" rather than a stable release, since debug 
hurts performance.

4) I briefly thought "debug" meant debug messages for the installer 
rather than for myth. Perhaps that text should be clarified.

5) I noticed that the installer was trying to install alsa. With my 
motherboard the drivers included with RH9 (but not RH8) worked fine, so 
I don't find it desirable to screw with them in my case.

Not that I know anything about anything, but I think your installer is 
a really great idea. If support for debian based systems and gentoo can 
be added to the script this would make a really elegant solution to the 
difficulty some people have installing mythtv. I think gentoo, debian 
and rpm based systems make up the bulk of the mythtv users, so that 
would be great.

Thanks for your work,

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