[mythtv] New version of mythtv Installation Script

Dwight Hubbard dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Sun Jul 6 04:31:40 EDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 10:12, Isaac Richards wrote:
> This is looking really nice, by the way..  Have to work out how to include it 
> in the main distribution.

Do you mean put the source in a CVS branch or make it work to install
the from a local set of the mythtv files?

I certainly have no issues with keeping the source in the main CVS,
although I think the installer is still a bit fragile/dangerous to
promote it to much.

I will probably at some point make it work to install from local files
instead of using an internet connection.  The idea being it would be
fairly simple to then build a distribution from stock redhat isos.

All that would be required would be to add the mythtv tarballs to a
directory on the last iso and change the boot image on the first CD so
that it kickstarts a normal install and in the post section installs the
mythtv installer and copies the mythtv tarballs to the harddrive.  Then
a startup script that runs the first time the system starts up, runs the
mythtv installer and installs mythtv from the files that where copied to
the hard disk during the redhat install.  

> Any reason it still allows you to install old versions?  Probably be easier to 
> drop 0.8 and 0.9 from the list..

I'll do that the next release.

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