[mythtv] Preset patch and mythchannel status

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu Jul 3 02:17:51 EDT 2003

Leandro Dardini wrote:

>Yes, you have to commit. If you look into the code I wrote for tunebox,
>you'll see a timer starting whenerver the user change frequency. After two seconds, data is committed and the channel is tuned.
>I don't see another way other than that.
That's dangerous in edge cases where a recording starts on another card 
while you are editing the channel where the recording runs, but maybe 
you are just poking around randomly. While this is a violation of the 
basic "nothing changes until I hit OK" UI mantra, I guess that case is 
so obscure that it pretty much never happens in reality. Of course, 
you'd need to restore the old channel settings when the user hits 
Cancel, though.

Another - maybe better - hack could be a temporary dummy channel record 
where you write the currently edited data to and the preview player is 
always tuned to that dummy channel. When you're done, you can delete 
that channel record again.

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