[mythtv] Preset patch and mythchannel status

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Jul 2 17:59:08 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 04:39 pm, Leandro Dardini wrote:
> I am back... I sort a lots of email war between Isaac and Ramon about the
> preset patch and the mythchannel patch. I want to add my 0.02 Euro to the
> thread.
> To Isaac: we, european users, need the preset patch. As you can see from
> the translation arriving, there are a lots of interest in mythtv also in
> the old europe. Yes, we have a silly television system, but as you already
> know, not all our tv broadcasters use only the VHF band so there are a lots
> of channels untuneable due to letters insted of number in the frequency
> table.

The preset patch is in the 0.10 release.


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