[mythtv] Preset patch and mythchannel status

Leandro Dardini ldardini at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 2 23:39:58 EDT 2003

I am back... I sort a lots of email war between Isaac and Ramon about the
preset patch and the mythchannel patch. I want to add my 0.02 Euro to the

To Isaac: we, european users, need the preset patch. As you can see from the
translation arriving, there are a lots of interest in mythtv also in the old
europe. Yes, we have a silly television system, but as you already know, not
all our tv broadcasters use only the VHF band so there are a lots of
channels untuneable due to letters insted of number in the frequency table.

To Ramon: I agree with Isaac about the dependency of mplayer. Throw it away.
You can use the TV object, like in the manualbox.cpp. yes, it is slow, but
it is better to tune the channel using the object you'll use to watch it.

I hope to see the preset patch and the mythchannel committed soon.


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