[mythtv] small amount of danish updates and an observation.

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Wed Jul 2 23:03:00 EDT 2003

ons, 2003-07-02 kl. 20:37 skrev Pierre-Olivier Bouchard:
> Martin Moeller wrote:
> > I've done the same thing with liquid, funhouse, iulius and purplegalaxy
> > in my installed mythtv catalog. They all seem fine. I changed all
> > instances of #ffffff to #ffee99 in the ui.xml file in the liquid catalog
> > afterwards as this seemed to work better for me than bright white in an
> > already white theme.
> Copying blue's ui.xml and using default's pngs, really doesn't look the 
> same as custom png's everywhere :)
Probably not, but I couldn't spot the different between the preview and
the funhouse theme I got with Blue's ui.xml. It seems that ui.xml is
mostly concerned with the colors, font-types and a few other things of
the themes almost all of the 'looks' is separate in themes.xml (as least
it seems like it). With SasQuatch there's no question since it is
basically a background and a 'dot'.

I look forward to seeing your updated funhouse. I can compare it head on
with my modified version and see what I get.

What I liked at the beginning with copying blue's ui.xml file was that
all the translations were immediately available.

It would of course be even better if we could abstract them out into
common include files, somewhat like the .qm files. It's a real chore to
enter the same lines over and over in new themes...

I suppose I could fairly easily create a script to do it for me...

> I'm almost done doing over funhouse, all that's left is some EPG/LiveEPG 
> tweaking (I don't use them at all, so I don't think about it much...), 
> updating it for the rankings page (I didn't even try that yet - I was 
> there 50% of the time at the 24h/7days gas 
> station/restaurant/convenience store for the last 3 days, doesn't leave 
> much time for themeing =)
> I'll try doing that tomorrow morning, shouldn't take more than a few 
> hours, and then it'll be complete! Mythweather is already done, only 
> mythmusic will be left (I don't use any of the other modules).
> Pete
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