[mythtv] small amount of danish updates and an observation.

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Wed Jul 2 15:37:26 EDT 2003

Martin Moeller wrote:

> I've done the same thing with liquid, funhouse, iulius and purplegalaxy
> in my installed mythtv catalog. They all seem fine. I changed all
> instances of #ffffff to #ffee99 in the ui.xml file in the liquid catalog
> afterwards as this seemed to work better for me than bright white in an
> already white theme.

Copying blue's ui.xml and using default's pngs, really doesn't look the 
same as custom png's everywhere :)

I'm almost done doing over funhouse, all that's left is some EPG/LiveEPG 
tweaking (I don't use them at all, so I don't think about it much...), 
updating it for the rankings page (I didn't even try that yet - I was 
there 50% of the time at the 24h/7days gas 
station/restaurant/convenience store for the last 3 days, doesn't leave 
much time for themeing =)

I'll try doing that tomorrow morning, shouldn't take more than a few 
hours, and then it'll be complete! Mythweather is already done, only 
mythmusic will be left (I don't use any of the other modules).


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