[mythtv] New Theme in Progress: SasQuatch

Michael D. Cencula mythtvuser at cencula.com
Thu Jan 30 02:44:49 EST 2003

Personally, I'd like to see the backend not need X at all.


> Why not make it a button only appearing if the backend is running on
> localhost? That way everybody with a single machine will be happy, and
> everybody with split setups probably know a bit more what they are doing so
> they will be happy as well.
> For myself I want every setup out of the menus, firstly I just use mysqlcc
> (setup module is not Europe-proof yet) and second would really hate to have
> a setup menu accessible by anyone in the living:-)
> But I realize I'm probably the only one, so Merle: get your fulltime paid
> engineers hacking instead of trying to get it all done for free...
> Erik
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