[mythtv] New Problem when using remote

Matthew S. Hallacy poptix at techmonkeys.org
Wed Jan 29 01:10:21 EST 2003

On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 03:03:33PM -0600, Robert Kulagowski wrote:

> Start mythfrontend.  ALT TAB to Konsole.  Works - Konsole comes up. 
> ALT TAB back to mythfrontend.  Hit ESC.  Change my mind, say "No",
> back to mythfrontend.  Go to mythgallery.  Hit ESC, back to
> mythfrontend.  Go to mythweather.  Screen flashes; I see Konsole for
> a second, then back to mythfrontend.  ALT TAB to Konsole.  Nothing
> happens - mythfrontend is still painted on the screen.  Move cursor
> keys.  Nothing happens.  ALT TAB to mythweather.  Screen still shows
> mythfrontend.  Hit ESC.  Move keys.  Highlight moves around on
> mythfrontend.  Hit ESC->Yes, exit.  Look at Konsole.  All sorts of
> ASCII terminal ^[[ sequences. 

A man walks into the doctors office and says 'doctor doctor! when i stand
on my head and bark like a dog i have this pain in my chest!' the doctor
looks at the man and says 'SO DON'T DO THAT'.

The point here is that yeah, it may be a bug, but really, how many people
hit ESC without the intention of leaving mythtv, do you start to exit other
programs then just change your mind?

What's the strace output look like? What's the gdb output look like? What
does ps auxwww |grep myth look like?

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