[mythtv] Newbie needs advice!

Mark Petryk mark at lorimarksolutions.com
Sun Jan 26 14:16:30 EST 2003

I'm with you, John.  Just signed up for the myth newsletter today 
myself.  I'm running RH8 and am getting ready to get things installed 
and running.  Don't give up the linux ship!  I just got a TiVo and after 
a week I want to throw it in the trash already.

John wrote:

>Hello all,
>   I am new here and just want some advice if its not
>too much trouble...
>I have used linux for a short time(redhat 8.0) is what
>i downloaded.
>I have an old box collecting dust and read about myth
>tv so i thought id try it out.
>I have an asus MOBO with an 800 Mhz Celeron, an ati
>all in wonder rage 128, i belive with 16M video RAM
>I have 256 SYStem RAM and a creative labs video
>blaster with remote.(this card has no drivers for
>linux) :(
>first trouble i had was getting the ethernet card
>working(dlink dfe 530x) 
>no drivers..
>I tried windows 2000 and was not happy with the video
>performance so i want to try myth tv.
>My question is what distro of linux do you recomend
>and which capture card, remote(linx), can i use the
>creative labs card or should i throw it in my XP
>box???(2.0ghz p4)
>i had errors trying to install xtml under red hat, the
>perl part would not compile...
>is there an easy way to get this up and running(after
>wasting 1 weekend i would like to try linux but am
>getting frustrated)
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